Quarto Santa Chiara State Natural Reserve - Abruzzo

Quarto Santa Chiara State Natural Reserve - Abruzzo

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Type: State Oriented Nature Reserve; established with D.M. October 10, 1982; falls in the Majella National Park.
Region: Abruzzo
Province: Chieti

The Quarto Santa Chiara State Natural Oriented Reserve concerns a karst plateau with sinkholes; it is located in the Municipality of Palena and occupies an area of ​​485 hectares.

State Oriented Natural Reserve Quarto Santa Chiara (photo www.regione.abruzzo.it)


The Quarto Santa Chiara Reserve is located at an altitude between 1,073 m Fosso Grottignano and 1,729 m of Serra Molione. The landscape is characterized by beech, maple and white hornbeam woods, alternating with grazing areas. In the area you can observe different species of mammals, including the Apennine wolf, Marsican brown bear, roe deer, wild boar, fox, hare, marten, marten, squirrel; among the birds, lastore, the sparrow hawk, the buzzard, the common owl, the owl and the barn owl.
In wetlands there are some species of migratory birds, such as the crane, wild loca, the white stork.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- By car: highway n. 84 from the 5 Miglia Plan or from the Aventino Valley.
- By train: Sulmona-Carpinone line, Palena (CH) station.


Former state company for state forests
Via Sangro, 45
67031 Castel di Sangro (AQ)

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