Puez-Odle Natural Park - Puez-Geisler - South Tyrol

Puez-Odle Natural Park - Puez-Geisler - South Tyrol

Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Provincial Natural Park; established with D.P.G.P. October 31, 1978, n. 29.
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Province: Bolzano

The Puez-Odle (Puez-Geisler) Natural Park, which covers an area of ​​10,196 hectares, is of extraordinary geological and landscape interest. Bordered to the north by the Passo delle Erbe and to the south by the Passo Gardena, with plateaus, pastures, imaginatively eroded peaks, ravines and forests, it is a true paradise for geology enthusiasts.

Sas Rigais (3,025 m) - Puez-Odle Natural Park - Puez-Geisler (photo www.villnoess.info)


On the heights of the Puez-Odle Park, deserted karst plateaus, verdant and undulating alpine meadows, jagged peaks and imposing wall escapes, eroded gorges and dense coniferous forests form a kaleidoscope of landscape forms rarely found on such a limited territory. To the south and east the natural park borders on Val Gardena and Alta Val Badia, strongholds of tourism. The tide of mass tourism breaks, the ropes of the lifts run, rumbling batteries of snow cannons and numerous hotels offer guests every comfort up to the foot of the rocky walls. Nature lovers, who now shy away from the inexorably disfigured landscapes of the ski slopes, in the summer go to look for the multicolored fantasy of the meadows in bloom in increasingly remote areas. Regardless of the peaceful Val di Funes, this park includes only Ladin municipalities. The Ladins belong to those Rhaetian populations that inhabited the Alpine arc from Carnia to Switzerland and were later Romanized. Until the construction of the valley roads (towards the end of the nineteenth century), Val Gardena and Val Badia remained isolated for centuries, based on a close economy of self-consumption, whose only resource was represented by the available land. In a system that had reached its own balance, agricultural activity was transferred from valley to mountain during the year and in the autumn in the opposite direction, so as to exploit every ecological niche. This system of exploitably vertical terrain passes from the lower lawns arranged under the viles (small agglomerations of farms, gathered around the square, where there is a fountain and a common oven), to the vegetable gardens, the arable land and the surrounding meadows, and there to the low pastures, the woods and the mountain meadows, with their characteristic huts, to reach the alpine pastures. The tourist building boom of the last decades has been concentrated in the locality of the valley, while on the steep slopes a piece of the Middle Ages has been preserved, in which the elderly continue to devote themselves to archaic activities.
The green heart of the park is located in Val di Funes, an oasis of peace located between the carousels of the ski resorts of Val Gardena and Plose, saved from the ravages of modern winter tourism thanks to the establishment of the protected area.Today the Funes Valley focuses on sweet tourism , which allows the rural landscape to give way to still intact woods and flowery alpine pastures at the foot of the superb peaks of the Odle, where visitors not only seek but also find rest.
Meadows flooded with flowers in spring open up above the conifers and formations of Swiss stone pine and mountain pine; still higher, on the scree and on the rocky walls, the edelweiss, the mountain raponzolo and the potentilla grow. There are numerous roe deer and, higher up, chamois and marmots. The eagle owl is often seen in Vallunga, as the capercaillie and black grouses mate in the clearings at the edge of the woods.
Along the road of the Passo delle Erbe you can admire one of the geological formations of the park (larenaria of Val Gardena), which crops out in the detrital areas of the Campaccio meadows on the slopes of Sas de Putia.

Sas de Putia - Puez-Odle - Puez-Geisler Natural Park (photo www.provincia.bz.it/natur)

Information for the visit

The park is accessed from Val Badia and Val Gardena.

Natural Parks Office - Autonomous Province of Bolzano
Via C. Battisti 21
39100 Bolzano

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